BRC Plant Based Food Standard

Plant based food is defined as a finished product consisting of ingredients derived from plants that include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds and/or legumes.

The plant based food category has experienced double-digit growth year over year.

The BRC Plant Based food standard makes it easy for consumers to choose sustainable alternatives to meat, egg and dairy products.

This standard is based on a comprehensive management system approach and provides a framework for manufacturers to assist them in the production of plant-based food. It includes operational criteria required to be in place to ensure that plant based products are free of material of animal origin.

Even the most informed consumer may unknowingly consume animal products or ingredients due to the challenge of correctly identifying animal containing ingredients based on product labelling information alone.

Whether consumers are flexitarian or doing Meatless Mondays for health, the environment or animal welfare. Manufacturers certified to BRC Plant Based Food standard provides assurance that these products fit their dietary needs.

This standard reduces the risks associated with relying solely on end-product animal input testing and complements GFSI-benchmarked standards.

Requirements cover:

  1. Senior Management Commitment
  2. The Food Safety Plan-HACCP
  3. PBMS Maintenance & Reassessment
  4. Documentation & records
  5. Internal Audits