BRC Packaging

Why do we need BRC Packaging Materials?

BRC Packaging Materials was the first Packaging Standard in the world to be recognised by the GFSI.

The Standard assists packaging producers to adopt good manufacturing practices. It drives the manufacture of safe, legal materials while meeting their customer’s requirements.

It applies to those producing materials for both food and consumer products. The Standard recognises two levels for the different levels of hygiene risk. The level chosen depends on the end-use of the packaging. The higher level is food. The lower level is non-food packaging.

How can Global QA help us with BRC Packaging Materials?

The Standard has eight manufacturing technologies:

  • Glass manufacture and forming
  • Paper-making and conversion
  • Metal-forming
  • Rigid plastics forming
  • Flexible plastics manufacture
  • Other manufacturing
  • Print processes
  • Chemical processes

We have a wealth of experience implementing the Standard. Your Consultant manages the project. They provide you with the paperwork and advice to help you achieve Certification. In addition, your Consultant can provide on or off-site support to suit your needs.

Why should we use Global QA to help us gain Certification?

We provide services for the implementation of BRC Packaging management systems. Firstly, you are assigned a Consultant who works with you through the process. They advise you and document your management system per the Standard. Unlike many other consultancies, we pride ourselves on the fact that we produce tailor-made management systems. For this reason, our management systems are easier to maintain.

We are recognised and approved by the UK’s top certification bodies as leaders in our field.

Furthermore, being confident in our work and receiving third-party recognition enables us to provide a 100% guarantee success.

Once you have achieved Certification, you may wish to take on our Ongoing Support service.

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