Storage and Distribution

Why do we need BRC Storage and Distribution?

BRC Storage and Distribution Standard provides the link between the range of BRC Global Standards and the end-user. The standard ensures the integrity of products during storage and distribution.

It is split into 19 sections. 8 of the sections apply to all businesses. The other 11 sections are additional modules covering various activities which may not apply to you. An example of this is E-Commerce.

Certification to this standard is essential if you want to store and/or distribute food or food grade packaging. Your customers will be confident that your products are food grade and handled in accordance with legislation.

How can Global QA help us with BRC Storage and Distribution?

We offer in-depth expertise and know-how when it comes to the implementation of a Storage and Distribution management system. Your will Consultant guide you and provide the documentation you require for compliance.

One of the most significant changes in the standard is the need for at least 1 unannounced audit every 3 years. This had been voluntary in previous versions. Using Global QA ensures that your staff feel confident and prepared when it comes to an unannounced audit.

Why should we use Global QA to help us gain BRC Storage and Distribution?

BRC recognise us for the work we do. Consequently, our Consultants are approved and recognised by Certification Bodies too. This provides greater assurance that you are in the right hands.

BRC certification bodies are now auditing to Issue 4 of the standard. If you are certified to the standard but are yet to transition, get in touch.

Storage and Distribution PDF fact sheet