BRC Food Safety

What is BRC Food Safety?

BRC Food Safety is the largest Global GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) Manufacturing Scheme. First published in 1998, the latest version released in 2018 is the 8th issue.

The standard provides certification for food manufacturers who implement good manufacturing practices and supports QMS to produce safe, legal products while meeting their customers’ requirements.

The Standard applies to any food processing or packing operation where open food is handled, processed, or packaged. Processing may range from primary products such as fresh produce pack houses and slaughterhouses to processed foods, canneries, and high-risk, ready-to-eat products.

How can Global QA help us?

All of our Consultants are management system specialists who are trained in the requirements of the standard, HACCP and TACCP/VACCP. In addition, our Consultants are here to help those who feel they require support.

Your dedicated Consultant holds your hand through the process. They ensure that you have all of the necessary policies, processes, and procedures in place. But, then, you have to get generating the records!

Why should we use Global QA to help us gain Certification?

Global QA Consultants provide consultancy services for the implementation and maintenance of a BRC Food Safety management system. Your consultant will work with you throughout the process. In addition, your Consultant is responsible for advising you of the requirements and producing your documented management system following the requirements of this Standard.

The standard is currently under revision. Issue 9 scheduled for release in August 2022. Auditing against this issue will commence from 1st February 2023. For support with your upgrade, get in touch.

You can learn more about the standard here.

New BRCGS Food Safety PDF fact sheet