BRC Consumer Products

This standard was revised in 2016, focusing on the need for recognition for the diversity of products included within Consumer Products, making it easier to implement to a wider range of products. In order to do this, BRC divided the standard into two versions:

BRC Global Standard for Consumer Products – General Merchandise
BRC Global Standard for Consumer Products – Personal Care and Household

Both of the standards can be certificated at either Foundation Level or at Higher Level. It is our interest to ensure that you achieve the highest grade possible however we cannot guarantee the Higher Level.

Global QA Consultants provide consultancy services for the establishment, implementation and maintenance of a BRC Consumer Products management system. You will be assigned a dedicated  Consultant who will work with you throughout the implementation process. Your consultant will be responsible for advising you of the requirements and for producing your documented management system in accordance with the requirements of this Standard.

Consumer Products PDF fact sheet download