Agents and Brokers

Why do we need BRC Agents and Brokers?

BRC Agents and Brokers is a management system for managing Safety, Quality and Legality in a non-manufacturing business. Typically, businesses providing to food and food packaging industries. Therefore, the BRC standard is for organisations who buy, sell or facilitate the trade of products or provide a critical link in the movement and trade of product. Our BRC Consultants are here to help.

Certification is vastly recognised and required in order to meet tender requirements. The standard sets out the requirements for recognition for the systems you operate to manage safety in your supply chain.

How can Global QA help us achieve BRC Agents and Brokers?

Global QA Consultants provide services for the implementation and maintenance of a BRC Agents and Brokers management system. Your Consultant will work with you throughout the implementation process. Your Consultant is responsible for advising you. They will also produce your documented management system in accordance with the Standard.

Why should we use Global QA to help us gain Certification?

Firstly, our Consultants are recognised by BRC for the work which they do. Consequently, we are approved by BRC. We feel this should also provide you with greater assurance that you are in the right hands.

A new version of the Standard is now available. This is Issue 3. Auditing starts against Issue 3 of BRC Agents and Brokers from the 1st April 2022.

We are currently training and getting up to speed with the changes. If you are certified to Agents and Brokers and need help with your transition to the new standard, get in touch.

New BRCGS Agents and Brokers PDF fact sheet

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